Roach Chow (5 pounds + 5oz water crystals)

Roach Chow (5 pounds + 5oz water crystals)

Roach Chow (5 pounds + 5oz water crystals)
5lb + 5oz






Jason's original blend of roach chow is top of the line Our roaches can't resist and we're sure yours will love it too check out my feedback my customers always return cause they know where the best chow is at!!!




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You will receive this order of my homemade, grounded premium roach chow that your roaches will grow big and fast these guys need Protein and a lot of it for development and quick growth my mixture is packed with Protein to ensure a speedy growth aside from protein we also pack a mixture of vitamins and minerals which is great cause your reptiles and amphibians are what they eat so only feed their pray the good stuff :) remember anything your Roaches eat will only be transferred to what eats em 


I also offer smaller and larger bags as well !

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 I make it my duty to pack and ship your order ASAP 


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Thanks for looking your roaches will love this stuff !!

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